Apartment Seven

Apartment Seven - Greg F. Gifune Charlie and Jenna nestled comfortably into middle age, happily married for twenty years, professionally successful and financially secure they could afford to sit back and coast a bit. Until Charlie wakes up one night to find his wife downstairs on the phone to another man, the truth results in an unforgivable infidelity and the marriage is decimated, Charlie leaves.

Not until his friend Dino contacts him with news of Jenna does he realise he has unfinished business, a love not completely over. Dino tells of her indiscretions and her visits to Apartment Seven, the only rented room in a dilapidated building.

The ensuing journey of personnel discovery encompasses a vast range of emotions from revenge, grief and anger, walking hand in hand with helplessness right through to redemption and forgiveness even for those who believe they don’t deserve it. Charlie walks a thin line dipping continuously into his past, his nightmares and the darkness that tails him.

Another emotionally deep and thought provoking read from an author that revels in the tragic jaunt of anguish.