House of Rain

House of Rain - Greg F. Gifune When Gordon’s wife Katy died, their lives together died and with it a huge part of Gordon, when he met and fell in love with her it bought him back from the brink, in a way rescued him from all the inner turmoil and conflicts of the Vietnam War.

All but alone now, an old man, living more and more in the memories of his past and as he sees a gang of kids beat a homeless man, a decision is made, he will take action but first he will face the onslaught of his past and attempt to find restitution.

House of Rain is another excellent novella from Greg F Gifune, his first nomination for a Bram Stoker award, which doesn’t sit well considering the standard of some of the work he puts out. More intelligent, deep and highly emotional writing, coupled with his wonderful prose leads to an understanding of Gordon, what he’s been through and the bleak depression of his loneliness.
I didn’t give it 5* simply because I thought Raindancers and Dreams the Ragman were better but this is top draw.