The Underdwelling (Delirium Novella Series)

The Underdwelling (Delirium Novella Series) - Tim Curran The Underdwelling is somewhat slow to build the tension, it’s not till 50% in that things start to go awry for a group of miners who discover a mammoth underground cavern. The author captures the camaraderie of the miners perfectly, my grandfather was a miner for 45 years and the claustrophobic atmosphere breeds some immense characters, with a rough sense of humour. These are guys that in some cases spend their entire working lives underground, brings a closeness that you rarely see anywhere else and in the event of an accident, will work till they drop to rescue a college.

As quick as they find the age old cavern, a collapsed tunnel leaves them unable to get out, time’s running out, their lights are dwindling but even more terrifying is the thing they've awakened, it can be heard but not yet seen, the tension and pace ratchet up significantly to a cringe worthy yet convincing ending.