Depraved - Bryan Smith You know what you’re going to get with a Brian Smith novel, a rip-roaring, blood soaked horror with loads of sex and it’s wickedly entertaining.

With Depraved we have a backwater redneck town called Hopkins Bend that really doesn’t like visitors, in fact they have a nasty habit of preying on people travelling through and cooking then up in a feast for the old families.

We join various characters as they strive to escape the clutches of the old families, get sold to a strip bar where they are put to work lap dancing, including various scrapes with the law, who are decidedly not on the side of anybody lucky enough to escape. All told it’s a decent read, my only complaint was the poor timing of a number of the sex scenes, I’m sure a girl whose been raped, killed lots of people and had a tough encounter with the locals is not going to be wanting to get off with someone, but she does. Tongue in cheek it may be, but it ruined it a little for me.