Nightcrawlers - Tim Curran Some words of advice, if you’re contemplating going on a pot holing expedition then leave reading this till after you come back. Tim Curran has a wonderfully unique imagination unlike anything I’ve read before and that’s mainly why I have over a dozen of his books that I’m going to read this year.

We join the story at the beginning of an investigation involving not just local law enforcement but state troopers as well, digging in a field unearths corpses, lots of them and bones covered in strange bite marks. The burial ground of a serial killer or something much worse, a history it seems the locals are fully aware of, strange and deadly things have been happening in the area of Clavitt Fields, a town burnt to the ground 200 years ago and it’s now about to get a much wider audience.

In charge of the investigation is officer Kenney and he’s about to learn all the secrets of what lies beneath this cursed place and the death it brings.

There are some genuinely scary moments early on in this story, Tim Curran is the master at creating an unnerving atmosphere and when an officer goes missing, Kenney heads a search party into the mist and trees. This in itself is creepy but when officer Kopecky finds himself underground in a subterranean crawl space, well, alarming just doesn't cover it, tense beyond belief maybe even panic and it’s written superbly well.

We then get a slightly slower middle section to the book as the history of the place and its inhabitants both past and present are revealed, this sets everything up for a nightmarish ending encompassing a euphoric evil that is terrifying in its entirety.