Skullbelly - Ronald Malfi This was my first Ronald Malfi read and my only complaint - it was too short, I suppose that’s the case with every novella that you enjoy, you get into it very quickly and before you know it you’re almost finished. So do you crack on for the last twenty minutes or do you wait, building the tension up for the hopeful jaw dropping climax. Me, I always wait, very rare I finish a novella in one sitting, gives me something to look forward to and Skullbelly was one of those I was certainly looking forward to my last 20 minutes.

Our protagonist is private investigator John Jeffers from Seattle, hired by the families of three missing teenagers and their friend, found wounded, bloody and completely unresponsive. Tommy Downing’s medically confirmed non-communicative state is just too convenient for the investigating detectives therefore he is the only suspect.
The four teenagers were out camping in the forest around the isolated town of Coastal Green and three of them were never to return. Jeffers encounters obstacles, strange things happen, legends of a creature told to scare children and the daunting feeling of something not quite right is prevalent in this excellent novella.