As I Embrace My Jagged Edges (And Other Thorns)

As I Embrace My Jagged Edges (And Other Thorns) - Lee  Thompson, Sandy DeLuca As I Embrace My Jagged Edges is a collection of 11 dark and emotional short stories from Lee Thompson. I write this review with a bit of a grimace, not from the pins & needles from being sat down for too long but from knowing I’ve cleared my backlog of Lee’s work and now I’ve got to wait for a new release.

There are some gems here, including 5 stories from the Division Series, impossible to pick a favourite but up there would be Crooked Stick Figures featuring John McDonnell from Child Protective Services in Division. John is on a case and visits an eight year old girl called Virginia, he encounters a legend called Boomstick from the sixties, ‘a drummer who had dabbled in sacrificial and ritual murder left his band to partake of children’s innocence’. A man who was never caught, more of the murderous side of this ill-fated town of ghost’s and secrets.

Daddy Screamed with Us is the disturbing tale of an incarcerated young killer being interviewed by a doctor, no ghosts or monsters in this one just the black soul of a boy who started cutting himself and progressed to killing his mother’s lover. All this comes out in his interview and all that’s left is the hammer blow finale of a killer not quite done.

These two stories show Lee at his best, intensely gripping, not as emotional as some of his stuff but compelling and filled with a darkness that only needs a spine-chilling scream to be complete.