River Runs Red

River Runs Red - Jeffrey J. Mariotte River Runs Red is the first book in the Borderlands trilogy and is a fast paced thriller with a supernatural twist that peaks with an unorthodox ending rooted in the beginnings of life itself.

James Truly is a CIA agent that’s been put out to pasture, now in charge of Operation Moon Flash, the agency’s covert Psychic investigations, not quite x-files but a division to counter act foreign nations efforts into the area of extrasensory perception. Truly has to divert his attention from his extra-curricular activities when his psychic contacts start reporting major problems and inexplicably dying along the way.

CNN correspondent Wade Scheiner is taken hostage in Iraq but what’s more surprising to him is his eventual escape and he soon finds himself back home in the Borderlands where murder both past and present is very much in thoughts.

Molly McCall is a reporter for the Voice of the Borderlands and she finds her skills stretched as she covers a series of murders, Molly’s brother and Wade’s best friend Byrd is in Providence Memorial hospital dying from Leukemia. These three characters re-united in tragic circumstances are about to witness some extremely strange events, murder is just around the corner and what do the words Kethili-cha mean, words from a dead language, words of power.

River Runs Red is very much a character driven story of epic proportions, an intense experience with some surprises along the way. Where the line between good and bad is jaded and all is not as it seems. This was my first read from Jeff Mariotte and it certainly won’t be my last.