Mirror of the Nameless

Mirror of the Nameless - Luke Walker Mirror of the Nameless is my first read from Luke Walker and I’ve got to say this has a lot going for it, great world building and an intense action orientated script make this on the whole a highly enjoyable quick read.
A 3.5 Rating
Humanity lives in fear of the three Gods that rule the planet, each in their own way capable of sweeping destruction and carnage. Everyone lives in terror, whether it be from the marauding bands of fanatics seeking sacrifices, the Authorities searching for potential rebels or even an indiscriminate visit from a God leaving a tsunami of death in its wake.

Dave Anderson works in a bar, keeps his head down but his life’s about to take a dramatic turn as he’s attacked by fanatics wanting sacrifices, rescued by his daughters boyfriend they embark on a journey to save her as she strays from compliance.

Mirror of the Nameless sets a relentless pace, the only thing that suffers, as with a lot of books that focus on the action, is character depth and exploration but this can easily be forgiven in a novella that packs a lot into 120 odd pages. If you enjoy a high octane read that feels like a movie, with some unique interesting ideas then give this a try.