Dream of the Serpent

Dream of the Serpent - Alan Ryker Dream of the Serpent is my third Alan Ryker read and I’ve been impressed with all of them, Cody Miller has it all, it seems, destined for success, beautiful girlfriend and a host of potential employers courting him. Until fate deals him the cruellest blow, an accident at work, a fire that burns all his hopes into despair and the seemingly irrevocable tragedy of a burns victim changed beyond all recognition.

The first section is harrowing and traumatic, as we live the accident and the aftermath with the victim, this is intensely written as we see the effects from both Cody’s side and those close to him. All but his girlfriend Madison who blames herself for the accident, spiralling out of control, she comes across the path to redemption and a chance to change everything. A magic that can’t be of this world, an ancient evil that exists, bleeding life from the forlorn to feed itself.

Cody starts on the long path to recovery, a life that will never be the same, until out of the blue he wakes up, recovered, with a different girl but with jaded memories of a horrific accident and its Madison whose missing, not seen since the day the accident took place in another reality.
In a clever tale it’s Cody who must search for the love of his life and it will take the ultimate sacrifice to get her back.