Before Leonora Wakes

Before Leonora Wakes - Lee  Thompson After reading two of the novella’s from later in the Division mythos series, I enjoyed them that much that I bought the entire series with the intention of starting anew in the correct place, the beginning.

Red Piccirilli is a thirteen year old school boy with a distinct lack of friends, so much so that he talks to an imaginary one called Pig who is a ghost of sorts with a yearning to be real. Red’s life takes an unexpected turn when Amy befriends him, after seeing his altercation with the school bullies but when he follows a suspicious guy he nicknames Mr Blue home his life is about to change in a big way when he sees a girl caged in the shed at the bottom of the garden.

Red is about to see the unthinkable, to puncture the fabric of reality, to see a darkness he never knew existed and to save a friend and lose a friend.
Leonora the caged girl is guarded by a forsaken angel, for she will steal life to give life to the imaginary but Red galvanized by Pig intends to rescue her and it could be the biggest mistake he’s ever made.

Before Leonora wakes is the start of an excitingly dark journey, an introduction to an alternative reality, a wonderfully ominous atmosphere and a story where all is not as it seems. This is a story of friends, relationships, growing up and the impossible that seeps into reality. Highly recommended.