Down Here In The Dark

Down Here In The Dark - Lee  Thompson Down Here In The Dark is the follow on novella to the excellent Iron Butterflies Rust and I have to say this is dark fiction at its finest, while this is an obvious sequel, these books are actually five & eight in the Division series timeline. I’ve enjoyed them that much that I’m starting the first of the series Before Leonora Wakes today and with all intentions of reading the complete series.

What you get from Lee Thompson is an emotional roller coaster of so many feelings that it’s impossible to do it justice on paper, you just have to read it, there’s terror and expectation, despair and hope, loss with a belief that somewhere there has to be restitution and not forgetting a chilling feeling of dread that overshadows all.

The story carries on straight after Iron Butterflies Rust, Frank Gunn the ex-cop has seen some extremely disturbing things and is now residing in New Wave hospital. His sanity scorched and on the brink of cracking, with demons looking over his shoulder, new friends and death never far away.

Around 20% in, there is also a reference to a proposed janitor, sporting a Fu Man Chu beard and bearing an uncanny resemblance to the little badass in the laundry room from Rapid Fire. I’ve had this dvd for years and the scene referred to is one of the best fights ever between badass and Brandon Lee, great example for such an insignificant thing.

I do feel like I’ve missed out, only discovering Lee’s work over the last two months when I joined the Darkfuse kindle book club, which I do recommend but this novella is one that’s over way to soon and you straight away feel the need to read it again. As New Wave hospital is about to see blood that runs in rivers.