Nightwhere - John Everson Nightwhere tells the story of Mark and his wife Rae, Mark realised early on in his relationship with his wife that she is insatiable and that he on his own would never be able to satisfy his partner. So they are regulars on the swinger scene, Rae searches for the ultimate thrill, Mark goes along because he doesn’t want to lose her and their relationship defines the word ‘open’.

They receive an invite to the elusive Nightwhere club, a club that you don’t find, it finds you, Rae finally finds gratification in her lust for pain, while her painfully weak husband simply tolerates on the fringes. After the night of her life, Rae wants more and the invitations follow, her desires get darker, more pain, more blood and soon she’s lost to the sadistic ways of Nightwhere, a place of horror and desire.

When Mark is excluded from the invites, she goes alone and doesn’t come back, Rae’s reborn and effectively ends her old life without so much as a look behind her, infected by the devilish pleasures on offer and her husband tenaciously seeks to save her from herself.

Nightwhere is an intrepid exploration into a relationship destroyed by different sexual needs, it’s a shock to see how easy it ends but then a little annoying to see Mark relentlessly pursue his lost love. That said it’s a completely enticing read, lots of sex, sadistic torture and vivid horror scenes that will tantalise and terrify in equal doses.