Ugly As Sin

Ugly As Sin - 'James Newman',  'Shock Totem' Ugly as Sin is a tale of redemption, the tale of a man who has all but ignored his daughter for thirty years, he didn’t even know he had a granddaughter but when the time comes, he is the only one who can save the girl he’s never even met.

Nick Bullman is a wrestler, nicknamed the Widowmaker, he’s the chief bad guy of the federation, just shy of 7ft and 300 lbs, a big man but this doesn’t stop him being beat up and his face all but carved from his body. The full extent of the damage is drip fed later in the book but things deteriorate fast when he attacks the chairman of the federation over his plans for the death of the Widowmaker and the birth of a new super villain.

Now broke after being sued, Nick gets a call out of the blue from his daughter, she desperately needs his help to find the kidnapped grandchild he never knew about.

Here follows a brutal journey of discovery and you are bound to each step as he attempts to redress past absence, a past he should have been part of. Nick is still a famous man, a man not easily ignored but he has to live with people’s repulsion and the heart break of a once good looking man that no one can now stand to look at. He attacks his search somewhat like a bull in a china shop and it is amusing when he tries to creep through a house. Really enjoyed this, the characters were substantial and genuine, the pace was frantic and the plot compelling. Recommended.