The Black Church

The Black Church - Toby Tate This is the first novella I’ve read from Toby Tate and I do have the novel Lilith still on my to be read pile, the author definitely has a style of writing I like, so easy to read it just subconsciously encourages you to keep going.

The Black Church follows Daniel Ivanov whose life seemingly attracts tragedy when he inherits an old Anatolian prayer rug following the bizarre death of his Father. Daniel hangs the rug on his wall and then proceeds to see pictures of those he knows and loves, mysteriously appearing in the design, immediately disbelieving his own eyes he dismisses it until one by one the people he sees quite simply die. Why he doesn’t get rid of the rug, I don’t know but he’s also having strange dreams of an old gothic church and the disappearance of a young boy.

Daniel must find the answers by looking to the past and the clocks ticking on an old curse and family history to obscure to comprehend, told at an almost frenetic pace the Black Church is a quick and consuming read with an interesting plot.