Nightmare Man

Nightmare Man - Alan Ryker Nightmare man is another anxiety filled ordeal from the Darkfuse stable and follows in the vein of some outstanding novella’s I’ve read recently. You have to feel for Jessie, married with two kids, he suffers from night terrors, traumatic and menacing nightmares that send him scurrying violently for safety, anything to escape the Nightmare man. His wife sleeps on the settee and Jessie is desperate for a way out, a normal life, an end to the nightmares ruining his life.

When he finds a trial medical program offering new drugs, he enlists and the prospect finally for a cure to his problems is hopefully just round the corner. Soon after starting the new drugs, the threat posed by the shadow man that haunts his dreams starts to bleed into reality, coming for those he loves most and Jessie has to confront his nemesis head on.

This is the second piece of fiction I've read from Alan Ryker and he has the canny ability to write clever, interesting stories full of ordinary characters you actually care about and can’t help but root for. Highly recommended.