Clockwork Dolls

Clockwork Dolls - William Meikle Have to say, I found this a really interesting read, a horror story that has very little violence, more a psychological assault on your senses but what stuck out most for me was the characters and their interaction. Clockwork Dolls delivers an unnerving sense of dread throughout and certainly provides food for thought when you accept the idea the author is putting across.

Dave Burns is a bit of a washout, he enjoys a drink more than most, an outspoken man of opinions who tends to upset at least one of his friends every time he gets drunk which is quite often and he still holds a candle for his ex, Jane who is now married to his friend Jim.

His friends fix him up on a double date with Maggie who has some new age beliefs and when she talks about requests to the Universe and the Cosmos granting wishes, Dave's in his element, swears its BS and total claptrap. They take part in a wannabe ritual, write their wishes down on paper and then it's all forgotten amidst the Whisky.
The story opens with Dave being interviewed by the Police and the past and present storylines weave together to great effect as their wishes to the Cosmos bring more than anyone bargained for.

For such a short read this certainly packs a hefty punch and if you don't believe in a higher power that controls everything, this will definitely put ideas in your head. Highly recommended.