Lurker - Gary Fry Lurker is set on the North East coast of England near to Whitby, Meg and Harry have recently moved into a coastal cottage, more to escape the tragedy of losing their first baby than a holiday home, a fresh start for them both. Meg has given up her job to recover and Harry now has to add a substantial travel time onto his working day, often staying in the city after long days at work.
Her trust wanes as she begins to suspect her husband is having an affair coupled with his selfish resentment that she has given up her job and Meg suddenly feels all alone when she least needs it.

Exploring the area Meg ventures down the Sandsend cliff path, unsettled by her feelings at an old railway tunnel she research’s the now blocked tunnels and finds an old book that tells of horrifying occurrences in the mines. The book unlocks the door to her psychosis and she starts to see things, terrifying things, is it real or is she losing her grip on reality.

The story is very much about Meg and the stressful events that have led her to this place, witness the deterioration of her frail mind as she teeters on the brink of insanity or can it all really exist, you decide!
I did like the authors style and have Conjure House on my to read pile. This novella is an enjoyable read and recommended for those who like a good creepy psychological horror.