Mr. Midnight

Mr. Midnight - Allan Leverone Mr Midnight is one of those books that’s deserves to be read in one sitting, if you can, it’s incredibly easy to read, the pacing is frantic and the characters invoke feeling both good and bad, in fact scratch that revulsion is the word I’m after, bad doesn’t sound well … bad enough.

Cait Connelly suffers from short intense visions or flickers as she calls them, brief but random insights into other people’s lives, the flickers have been with her all her life a frustrating but almost normal occurrence for her. She uses her visions to help people but she’s unable to help herself, 30 years ago Cait was given up for adoption, this has always plagued her life and she is desperate for the answer to the identity of her birth parents and why they gave her up.
Kevin her police officer boyfriend has good news, he’s hired a private investigator and Cait’s dreams are about to be answered.

Milo Cain lives in an abandoned tenement, part of the cities underworld, hidden from view and very much part of the shadows. A perfect existence for a cold blooded serial killer, a stalker of women but also something worse, much worse, you see Milo prays on the soul, he tortures his victims and it’s pretty much what he lives for. Milo also suffers from frenetic visions, enough sometimes to stop him dead but he uses the visions to his advantage, when they lead to an opening or a valuable insight he’s there to use the leverage for his gain.

Cait and Milo are going to meet and it’s a destiny written in blood, really enjoyed this, the ending was exceptional with bags of tension and just a little surprising, usually I can guess what’s going to happen but certainly not with this.