Fear Me

Fear Me - Tim Curran Romero just knew there was going to be trouble as soon as he laid eyes on his new cellmate Danny Palmquist, fresh meat that someone was going to take advantage of in a bad way, not his problem but he still felt a cold, peculiar gnawing feeling in his guts. This kid was prey and give it 48 hours, he’d be someone’s punk old lady, big trouble would latch on to him soon enough and he was bottom of the food chain at Shaddock Valley prison.

Danny is not quite the inconvenient calamity he appears, he was transferred from another prison after some mysterious deaths to inmates in locked cells but Romero is soon stuck with some tough choices, does he let the wolves take the kid or does he intercede knowing it’s going to inevitably cost him his life. Danny has a dark, violent secret when threatened and soon inmates are screaming in their locked cells, ripped apart by the seemingly impossible. Tension’s run high, the prison is about to explode and Romero’s right in the thick of it.

A fast paced horror novella that adds a brutal violence the likes of which have not been seen before in this or any prison. Add believable characters in a setting ruled with no mercy but with a horrific supernatural element and you have an excellent short read. This is the first book I’ve read from Tim Curran and it definitely won’t be the last.