Hell's Door

Hell's Door - Sandy DeLuca Hell’s Door as nightclub’s go is deviant heaven a place of utter debauchery, drugs, sex it’s all available on tap and the owner is Ramsey Wolfe, a depraved pimp who happens to be a woman who takes whatever she wants.

Set in Providence, Rhode Island the story follows homicide detectives Lacey Powers and her partner John Demmings as they hunt a prolific serial killer, a killer of women who believes he is saving and freeing his victims. We see inside the mind of this killer throughout the book described with a wonderful prose which disengages you from the familiar Police procedure side of the story. Suspicions rest at Hell’s Door and the only way for any closure is for the detectives to infiltrate undercover.

I had sort of guessed where it was going and there were a few clues littered about but it didn’t make it any less shocking, this deserves 4 stars for the ending alone but I felt overly pressed and pushed with reminders on who the chief suspect was when it was always never going to be the case.