A Road of Blood and Slaughter

A Road of Blood and Slaughter - David   Hunter A Road of Blood and Slaughter brings together 13 stories originally released as individual episodes spanning 18 years of the Kritian calander. The stories are loosely connected, set in the same world with the same characters and span the end of one king’s life and the subsequent reign of his son.
The chief protagonist is Artemo known as the Killer of men, along with Melas his comrade in arms and Horsa a warrior, in the vein of Karsa Orlong from the Malazan series.

Artemo and Melas are favourites of the old king Antillian and when he is gravely injured the young king starts to surround himself with his most trusted and this doesn’t include the two swordsmen.

Some wonderfully described fight scenes with excellent characters, this is a highly enjoyable dark fantasy series bought together in one volume and for under £2 you really can’t go wrong. This was my first goodreads win on the giveaways and my thanks to David for the opportunity to read it.