Dexter #1

Dexter #1 - Jeff Lindsay, Dalibor Talajić Big fan of Dexter the TV series so I was immediately interested when the comic series started, the story joins Dexter when he is married to Rita and she is intrigued when Dexter is invited to a school reunion. Rita wants to meet his old school friends, unfortunately its the last place Dexter wants to be and things get worse when the school bully, now a charming and successful business man acts like they are old friends, this can't be especially when Dexter had him tied to a table in the school kitchen. Murder is just around the corner and Gonzalez the old school bully is right in the thick of it.

Dexter's familiar characterization is what this is all about, the anti-hero whose inner voice is a major part and stand out feature of the story and shows itself early on in the first comic. Dexter is one of the best book to tv adaptations there is simply because everything he says and thinks can be transposed to the screen easily and hopefully the comic book series will pay worthy homage to a fantastic character.