Ten Grand #2 (Ten Grand, #2)

Ten Grand #2 (Ten Grand, #2) - J. Michael Straczynski Joe Fitzgerald is a former mob enforcer who promised that this job would be his last, his target however had demonic connections, resulting in the death of both Joe and the love of his life Laura. An Angelic force offered him a deal in exchange for his services, every time he suffers a righteous death, he gets 5 minutes with Laura and then resurrection to continue the fight.
Now, Joe is a supernatural Private Investigator, taking on special cases for the price of ten grand. In this issue, he continues to help a woman named Debbie search for her missing sister Sarah, who’d lost contact after joining a cult named Divine Will. He's also on the path to the man who killed Laura, the man who Joe put a bullet in his head two years earlier. He should be dead, then again so should Joe.

Joe's found the home of Divine Will and he's about to enter, first he waits for Johnny, you see Johnny has the second site, his eyes were taken from him and now he sees only the things the rest of us can't. Ben Templesmiths artwork springs right at you straight away as the dark, bleak tones make way for a view of Divine Will through Johnny's perception, the panel becomes visceral, bright and amazingly blurred, almost like a view through water. Fantastic artwork all the way through, there's some amazing panels, not least the last page of an angel or denizen of hell constructed in lines of fire.