Locke & Key, Vol. 2: Head Games

Locke & Key, Vol. 2: Head Games - Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez Locke & Key volume 2, Head Games brings yet more of the magical keys first encountered in Welcome to Lovecraft and of course focuses on a key that unlocks the mind. Not just metaphorically, this key actually removes the top half of your head and all your memories, emotions and well pretty much everything is on display like naked twister (scary thought).

The Locke children start to experiment, Kinsey removes tears and fear from her head, Ty crams books into his to avoid homework and Bode well he sees the memory of what he saw in the wellhouse.
The most interesting part of the story so far is the conniving Zac Wells, formerly the lady from the well, nothing will stop him getting what he wants and he already has a collection of amazing keys but not the one he wants most of all.
He’s inserted himself into the Locke children’s lives and brings a wonderful sense of dread and foreboding; you can’t help but think there’s no answer to his schemes and penchant for violence.

Joe Hill writes some creepy stuff filled with apprehension, characters that are seemingly normal with definitively evil motives all against some kids that are discovering some exciting things filled with danger.