The Sandman, Vol. 10: The Wake

The Sandman, Vol. 10: The Wake - Charles Vess, Michael Zulli, Mikal Gilmore, Jon J. Muth, Neil Gaiman Starting the Sandman series is a pretty daunting task, 10 volumes and 75 issues is a hell of a lot of investment in both cost and time but I'm glad I did it. The only Neil Gaiman stuff I'd read before was American Gods but I will definitely add him to my favourite authors list on what I've read so far.
Covering the funeral and the Wake of Morpheus, or Dream of the Endless we watch as the Endless prepare and the people in the dreaming travel to the Wake, there's lots of people we've seen before and we see how Dream affected them all. Also Daniel or the new Dream is preparing to meet the Endless, his new family, giving meaning to the Endless. Fantastic closure to the series, backed with terrific artwork and there's also some additional material about Hob Gadling, the man who never dies and William Shakespeare who completes his pact with Dream and writes his final play for him.