The Cormorant

The Cormorant - Chuck Wendig The Cormorant is a damn clever book and the most personnel of Miriam Black’s stories to date, it’s told through multiple timelines, one of my favourite story telling methods and highly effective when done right. Thankfully Chuck Wendig does it right and The Cormorant is arguably the best of the series yet.

This time Miriam goes up against someone who has powers not to dissimilar from her own curse, someone she knows all too well and they’re sending messages through the lives they take, as Miriam in turn reads their final moments, the game changes as she is taunted by messages written in the blood of those about to die.

Hired by a wealthy businessman she’s off to Florida to earn a hefty pay packet and to tell this guy when he’s going to die, also gives her an opportunity to drop in on her Mother. She goes skin to skin with said businessman and is absolutely stunned to see his death, I mean she knows it’s coming but the vision shows a hooded figure, he stabs the guy with her knife and the message he writes in blood ‘Hello Miriam‘ and it’s about to get much worse.

The personnel aspect of this story is the relationship with her Mother, with a chequered history there is unease but things have tempered off, they can talk and it’s devastating when she sees the vision of her death.

In the second timeline Miriam is being interviewed by two dubious looking FBI agents, as if she’s a serial killer and she tells her story after the events have taken place.

As I’ve said before Miriam Black is my favourite hard as nails female protagonist, she smokes like there’s no tomorrow, swears like crazy, drinks like a fish and is not too shy in the sexual liaisons department. She tries to do the right thing, tries to save people but the grim reaper always wants his cut and she knows if she attempts to prevent a death, there has to be a replacement.

The Cormorant is loud, brash and a barrel of laughs, plot and pacing are exceptional, a great addition to the series.
A 4.5 Rating rounded up.