The Blade Itself #4

The Blade Itself #4 - Joe Abercrombie, Andie Tong, Chuck Dixon Issue 4 centres more on the political dealings of the inquisition as we see the Lord Chamberlain entertain the commoners for the chance to put there case to his August Majesty, the High King of the Union. Amongst these are two extremely interesting guests, one a delegation from the king of the north, Bethod, seeking to end the hostilities between the two nations and we get our first look at the massive Fenris the feared who features later in the trilogy. The next visitor is Yoru Sulfur from the great order of Magi, he is here to herald the pronounced return of Bayaz, first of the Magi who swore an oath to return in time of need.
Glokta, Practicals Severard and Frost track down the names on Rews list but it seems the information and an assassin has beaten them every time, seems a traitor must be dealt with.
Unfortunately no nine fingers in this issue and Jezal features only fleetingly but his mind is lost to Ardee West and his training becomes all but useless. Artwork and story is spot on once again, can't fault any of it.