Reviver: A Novel

Reviver: A Novel - Seth Patrick Reviver is the debut novel and the start of a new trilogy by Seth Patrick, first off the cover is electrifying but what impressed me was when the guy in the book shop opened an app on his phone called blippar and we looked at the book cover through his phone, suddenly the cover came alive and I was suitably stunned as the book took on the appearance of the trailer to a horror movie. A simple video, but small things amuse small minds and I was sold, hopefully the book would be as impressive as the interactive cover.

Jonah Miller is a Reviver, he can communicate with the dead for a short while after they have passed, ideal for finding the cause of death and if needed the perpetrator. Jonah is called to a murder, Alice Decker and he has to ascertain the murderer. It’s a harrowing experience talking to the newly dead, they’re confused, frightened and you don’t have a lot of time but when the job is done and the camera’s cease recording, Jonah is startled when the corpse raises its head and says ‘we see you’, the dead it seems want something from him.
This is put down to overwork and Jonah gets sick time, more drugs but on his next revival, the murder of a young girl he feels as if momentarily he’s taken over by the girl to the point of identifying the killer. The Revival boundaries are becoming blurred, something big is about to happen and Jonah it seems is a passenger on a trip he wants no part of.

Definitely an interesting concept, with a well-paced story, the crime thriller and supernatural crossover give an abundance of tension while at the same time being just a little bit creepy in the right way. Looking forward to the second in the Reviver trilogy and the book is certainly as good as the cover. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Reviver.