The Walls of the Castle

The Walls of the Castle - Tom Piccirilli A short read at around 90 pages but the quality of the story and the writing are immediately evident. Kasteel was grief stricken, for four months he watched as his only sons condition worsened until he eventually died.
Completely devastated he left everything behind, his wife, his job and his life as he became a living part of the massive hospital complex called the Castle. An ex-con with theft and violence a regular part of his past life, he is badly beaten by the hospital security guards and this becomes a turning point as his life takes on new meaning. Suddenly he has a purpose, he becomes a protector, a vigilante with a sense for the wrong and when bad things are about to happen.
An almost haunting atmosphere is present all through the book, as dark supernatural forces are suggested at in the haunting hospital complex. You are not forced to read this mans journey, you live it with him, through devastation, through desperation as he copes in his own way with the cruelty that life throws at him.