Dark Tower: The Gunslinger: The Journey Begins

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger: The Journey Begins - Peter David, Stephen King, Richard Ianove, Sean Phillips, Robin Furth The first five graphic novels based on Stephen Kings Dark Tower series delve into Roland's youth, from his elevation to the youngest gunslinger and the story of the love of his life Susan Delgado, to the end of the gunslingers with The fall of Gilead & Battle of Jericho Hill.

The journey begins, opens years later with Roland on the trail of the man in black, stopping at a shack in the desert he tells a story of his past to its inhabitant a solitary man alone in the desert.
Of the five issues of this volume only the first deals with Roland's time from the first book the Gunslinger, the remainder of the story returns to the aftermath of the battle at Jericho Hill and the eventual outcome of his friend Aileen, who asks to be buried with her father back at Gilead.

Within this story we have a second flashback when Roland is confronted by the ghost of Hax, a traitorous cook. The story then travels even further back in time to Roland as a small boy, who discovers Hax to be a traitor in league with John Farson and tells his father, the cook is then hanged.
The story at this point was lost and it was almost a cardinal sin to waylay the tale in such a manner, travelling to two such distance parts of the past.
I certainly remember Hax the cook from the Dark Tower series, although not from which book but was he really worth 'screen time' in the graphic novel, in my opinion definitely not. After this incident Roland continues on from Gilead and encounters John Farsons men in Kingstown, picking up a companion along the way in a Billy Bumbler, a significant parallel to the books set a good few years earlier.

The gunslingers younger days have been told and told well but this was just an annoying delay in furthering the story, the past has been dealt with adequately enough and doesn't need to be dwelt on anymore. How long will it take to get to the Dark Tower, hopefully not the twenty two years it took for the initial seven books of the saga to be completed but you never know. The artwork is not as good as the previous books, however the dark atmosphere has been preserved and that is one positive point. I will certainly stick with the series and hopefully the next book remains entirely in the present.