Empire of War

Empire of War - Victor Methos Quick read but sorry to say didn't enjoy this at all, basically its an attempt to jump on the dark fantasy, kill all the main characters bandwagon with an added extra violent ingredient.
First off the characters, there are none that you could relate to, or even care about its pretty much a description of events over a number of years with very little back story and some particularly unsavoury people. The author has a worrying penchant for over describing the violence and there is a hell of alot of it, limbs frequently chopped off, genitalia, torture and rape, its all a little bit to gruesome and for someone who actually likes dark fantasy it just didn't sit right.
Also with frequent changes to the POV characters that come in contact with each other we get a scene described through the eyes of one and then the same scene through the eyes of another character which I don't think was needed at all, it did get annoying at times. At one point I'm sure there is a woman with two broken legs carried down from a mountain, only to be walking soon after, that said there are some serious story inconsistencies.
As we come to the conclusion of the book we start to meet new characters that are set to take main parts for the second novel as the majority save one or two end up decapitated.