Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty - Mark  Lawrence As I get more and more pissed off waiting for Amazon to deliver my copy of Emperor of Thorns, I get my fix of Jorg Ancrath through the short story Sleeping Beauty. Quite simply my favorite character of modern fantasy, and one of the darkest series around. Jorg comes up against the technology of the builders and its amazing to see how advanced the builders were before their influence ended, the tale of sleeping beauty is cleverly weaved into this glimpse of technology amidst the intelligence, charm and brutality that is Jorg Ancrath.
Interesting and disappointing to read that this trilogy is the end of Jorg, as the author has decided not to continue with his story arc, but start anew with a different character set in the Broken Empire. Prince of Fools will be the next release in June 2014 and I look forward to that, for now just need the post office to get my book to me.