Hack/Slash Omnibus

Hack/Slash Omnibus - Tim Seeley, Dave Crosland, Stefano Caselli Hack Slash omnibus 1 brings together the first nine comics of the series starting with Euthanized, where Vlad and Cassie must battle Bobby, a vengeful, undead slasher with the ability to control dead animals. Bobby was revealed to have been a mentally handicapped veterinary assistant accidentally murdered by the vet's fiancé. This issue has a brief recollection of Cassie's history, daughter of an eccentric dinner lady. Her mother watched as Cassie was bullied through school until she could take no more, students started to disappear and were amusingly served up with salad and fries. When confronted mother Hack committed suicide by plunging her head into a boiling pot of gravy leaving Cassie an orphan.

Girls Gone Dead is the second issue and our slasher hunters battle Father Wrath, a slasher being controlled by a devoutly crazy Catholic schoolgirl, Laura Lochs. Father Wrath was a traveling Baptist preacher, who was murdered by his nephew when he tried to sexually assault him. The revived Wrath emerged as an evil killer, Laura controls him with a book of spells and the ending brings an epic struggle between the two massive guys Vlad and Wrath while Cassie uses fire in her fight with Laura.

The third outing is Comic Book Carnage set at a comic book convention.
Vlad and Cassie must deal with a human murderer, Lloyd Sundermann with a parasitic twin, Jimmy. The murderer and his brother go after Steve Niles, Scottie Young, and Robert Kirkman, real-life comic book creators, and murder them for being contrived overlords of evil.

The Final Revenge of Evil Ernie is the fourth comic, Cassie and Vlad battle Evil Ernie and smiley, who kidnap women and turn them into undead zombie slaves. Evil Ernie falls in love with Cassie and after she is fatally wounded, Ernie sacrifices his life to revive her, and is reborn in a new reality. The artwork takes a serious dive here as the artist attempts a Ben Templesmith style but unfortunately fails, Cassie puts on serious amounts of weight in some panels and in others looks normal again, its really not good.

Land of Lost Toys is the fifth comic and Cassie and Vlad battle an undead child, Ashley Guthrie, with the ability to kill people in their dreams. They find out his mother killed him (because he was a horrible child), but he was reborn in the dream plane and uses toys to murder his victims. Cassie kills Ashley, but his spirit possesses the teddy bear his mother smothered him with. Again the artwork is suspect as the depictions of both our protagonists differ from panel to panel.

Slice Hard is the next comic after a small section of trailers, several slashers (Hibachi Devil, Acid Angel, Mortimer Strick, X-O, and Waking Man), are held prisoner by a company run by Emily Christy, a former Miss America, that wants to use the slashers to develop anti-aging remedies. If a captured Cassie agrees to help recapture the freed slashers, the company promises to use plastic surgery on Vlad. Ashley from Land of Lost Toys, now in a stuffed bear body, is the cause of all their problems as he breaks in and frees the slashers, who go after the director and Cassie and Vlad. In the process, all the slashers are defeated, but Christy uses the "slasher formula" on herself, becoming a new Miss America slasher.

The final outing is Hack Slash Vs. Chucky and this is definitely the pick of the bunch as Cassie and Vlad take on the demon doll. This serves as a sequel to "Girls Gone Dead". Laura Lochs uses an ancient voodoo relic stolen from Chucky to body swap out of her currently, well done to burnt body and into the body of none other than Vlad. It then falls upon Cassie, Vlad (Now in Laura Loch's body) and Chucky to end Loch's evil plans before she can kill several of Cassie's close friends, all having been captured and used in Laura's sick game of revenge. Cassie must also deal with the unlikely and deadly partnership with Chucky, whom she knows all too well can turn and try to kill her at any given moment. The artwork is fantastic as the little demon doll Chucky looks completely maniacal, evil and crazy, complete with a stitched together face.

After Chucky is loads of cracking artwork showing the progression of the drawings, profiles of the characters etc and this really adds something to the overall package.

Really enjoyed this some cracking characters, plenty of blood and gore, a few humorous moments and two cool antiheroes, if you like the slasher movies from the 80's Halloween, Nightmare on Elm street, Friday 13th and Childs Play this pays worthy homage to the genre and doesn't take itself too seriously. The stories and the majority of the artwork are definitely worth 5 stars.