The Price of Faith

The Price of Faith - Rob J. Hayes The Price of Faith is the final book in The Ties That Bind Trilogy, while the second book The Colour of Vengeance was devoted to the Black Thorn and events occurring around him, the final book is largely centred on the Arbitar Thanquil Darkheart and Jezzet Vel'urn the blademaster. Both have travelled to the Dragon Empire but are currently separated as Thanquil tracks the powerful witch who escaped him in the first book, a difficult task as she is protected by a dragon prince. Jezzet is working as a sellsword and is a favourite of the young woman who rules the empire.
The first two thirds of the book feature only their stories and it is not till this point that the Black Thorn and his crew, Jacob the Templar and all the chief protagonists come together for the final battle with Kessick and his demon enhanced army. What we do get however is flashbacks into Thanquil and Jezzet's past which were interesting and bought you closer to these well defined characters.

I must admit I didn't enjoy this as much as the previous novel but I do count that as one of the best I've read, while Thanquil and Jezzet are great characters, they don't have the charisma of the Black Thorn and his crew but it was certainly a satisfactory conclusion with plenty of twists and turns. An epic final battle that follows the traits of other major dark fantasy series in that not all of the main characters survive and a happy ending is guaranteed not to happen for all.

There are also plot threads left that mean there could be further stories to tell in this world and I would definitely like to read more of the Black Thorn and his crew who now operate as bounty hunters. The pirate Drake Morrass also has a significant role to play in this book, a very clever adversary who's scheming is not entirely evident till the end.

In conclusion a highly recommended series and I can't wait for the next offering from this author.