The Colour of Vengeance

The Colour of Vengeance - Rob J. Hayes The Heresy Within, the first book of the Ties That Bind trilogy was one of the best debut novels in the dark fantasy genre that I have read in the last couple of years and I felt it certainly deserved 5 stars. The Colour of Vengeance is even better, both the plot and the introduction of new POV characters make this a fantastic follow up novel full of treachery, violence and some laugh out loud moments.

Thanquil Darkheart, the Arbiter and the blademaster Jezzet Vel'urn are absent from The Colour of Vengeance as they sail off to the Dragon Empire, both believing the Black Thorn was killed in his failed attack on Arbiter Kessick.
The Black Thorn however is nigh on impossible to kill and it is the Inquisition that have saved him, imprisoned and awaiting execution but a little thing like that doesn't stop the Black Thorn and he kills just a single arbiter in his escape but has it all been just a touch to easy. The Black Thorn is now missing an eye amongst other appendages and revenge against Kessick is his first goal after escape from Sarth and he finds himself bound for Solantis, where old friends crawl out of the woodwork at an alarming rate

The first new POV character is Suzku Pern, trained by the Haarin as a warrior bodyguard, his contract is bought and for 10 years he must serve, only a man of incredible wealth could afford a Haarin bodyguard and if he fails in his duty he is expected to take his life but his new client will force him to look closely at his honourable values.

The second new POV character is Jacob Lee, sent by the Inquisition to pass justice on the Black Thorn, Jacob is a powerful man with a love of dancing, a Templar who makes your average Arbiter look like a wet towel and he has been caged for 10 years but now its time for the hunter to be set free.

Anders is a blooded, a member of the ruling families of the Wilds and his occupation is professional drunk, he takes his occupation very seriously to the point of knowing his twelve levels of alcohol intoxication and what he is capable of doing at each level. Anders joins the Black Thorns crew and some of the interaction between them is hilarious, BT as Anders calls him is somewhat lacking in intelligence, stealth and a number of other key elements needed for discretion, adhering him wonderfully to Anders fine diction and love of the bottle. Anders is a cracking addition to the list of characters and I enjoyed his role almost as much as the outstanding Betrim Thorn.

I won't say to much of the plot as it would spoil the ending of the first novel but I highly recommend this series its dark, violent, really funny in parts, has some top draw characters and an excellent story filled with treachery and revenge. Rob J Hayes has a bright future and I rate this up there with the best of my favourite authors. Its good to discover a talented self-published author and this series is available on kindle for under £6, you can't go wrong.