The Blade Itself #3

The Blade Itself #3 - Joe Abercrombie, Andie Tong, Chuck Dixon In issue 3 the story takes center stage as the plot moves forward and the action and sheer grit is demoted to the cheap seats.
Logan's journey to the library of the first Magi Bayaz is severely hampered by the weather, food running scarce and the fact that he has to carry the messenger Malacus on his back for 40 miles.
Bayaz who by legend has raised up kings and brought down empires looks more like a green grocer than a first magi,pretty much perfect and a great representation.
Sand Dan Glokta, greatest swordsman the Union has ever known is now reduced to being carried to his bath to wash the nights shit from his body but his fortunes are just about to change as he is summoned to a meeting with the Arch Lector Sult and soon enough he realizes that opportunity and danger are his in equal measures.
No appearance from Captain Jezel Dan Luthar in this issue, so fans of his will have to wait but this is a top quality story coupled with vivid and vibrant artwork, absolutely cracking.