Razor Compendium V1

Razor Compendium V1 - Everette Hartsoe Nicole Mitchell was nine years old when she witnessed the murder of her father and abduction of her sister by the crime lord of Queen City. Her teenage years were spent institutionalized where she suffered horrific abuse until she finally escaped at the age of 18. Driven by revenge she trains until she is ready to become the dark angel of vengeance, known as Razor, a female vigilante and the character that started the "bad girl" era of the early 1990's.

Everette Hartsoe created RAZOR in 1991 as a way to help deal with depression over the death of his younger sister. Razor is an ultra-violent female vigilante and this subject material, certainly not for the faint hearted was deemed unsuitable for the publishers. So he decided to self-publish, the 1st issue exceeded all expectations, which enabled Everette to quit the day job and draw comics full time.

This book is a dark, gritty goth-noir work of fiction for adult readers, in the vein of Sin City and The Crow but alot more gruesome and violent. The series became an underground cult sensation in the 1990's until the final appearance in 1999 in a highly successful cross over with James O' Barr's The Crow.
Nicholle Mitchell has developed in the classic style of the victim turned avenger. Interestingly she was so badly traumatized by the things she does she becomes mentally unstable and positively suicidal in her actions.

Creator, Everette Hartsoe, makes his return to the industry after a 14 year sabbatical with Razor: Scars a 150+ page graphic novel, re-invigorated by a highly successful kickstarter campaign that will take his popular creation, Razor into a darker territories, while reinventing her for a new generation of readers.
This Compendium brings the first 25 issues of the original Razor comic series, check it out on DriveThru comics.