Joker - Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo I must admit this is this the first graphic novel I've read in the Batman world and from the front cover I was expecting alot from the psychopathic villain that is the Joker. Just released from Arkham asylum the tale of the Joker is told through the eyes of a new member to the gang Jonny Frost as they try to reclaim Gotham's underworld.
The vast majority of the artwork was impressive, the Joker fashioned in the guise of Heath Ledger but the story was a bit of a let down, I guess I expected the Joker to be that little bit more crazier, that little bit more violent and I felt short changed at the end. But the mistake was the introduction of Jonny Frost who was to big a presence to ignore, too much of a major player in the story yet not interesting enough to give a flying **** about.