30 Days of Night: Vol. 2

30 Days of Night: Vol. 2 - Steve Niles, Davide Furnò, Christopher Mitten Following the death of his beloved Stella, Eben fully embraces the nature of the vampire and turns from protector to brutal killer and his first stop is Barrow where it all began. The artwork is less cartoonish than volume 1, thankfully and Eben steps up as leader of the vampire horde as they assault the FBI headquarters seeking the agent that killed Stella.
Eben is unrecognisable from earlier books in the series, a more dangerous and sinister character especially in the artwork by Christopher Mitten which is a different style to Ben Templesmiths original novel but certainly as violent and horrific.
Alice Blood is the FBI agent who started the investigation and she may just have started a war they cannot win even with the full resources of Project Red behind her.
An excellent addition to the 30 days of night saga and this has definitely rekindled my interest.