30 Days of Night: The X Files

30 Days of Night: The X Files - Steve Niles, Adam Jones, Tom Mandrake Really impressed with this X-Files & 30 days of night collaboration, Steve Niles is retained as writer with a new co-writer Adam Jones and Tom Mandrake takes over the artwork. Tom Mandrake has done alot of work for DC comics including the adaptation of the sci-fi TV series Fringe and generally the artwork is excellent, it doesn't have the same haunting terror that Ben Templesmith's artwork has and the vampires are not drawn as well but Mulder & Scully are represented with an amazing likeness.
Combining the horror of the 30 days of night franchise with the unique relationship that Mulder & Scully have as supernatural investigators on the X-Files has incredible potential and for me delivered an excellent story.
Arriving in Wainwright, Alaska in the second week of darkness Mulder and Scully assist at a gruesome murder scene where the bodies of 16 decapitated truckers are left on display at the top of a 40ft pole, their heads in a pile at the bottom and on top of that there is FBI agent French, with a grudge and going out of his way to make things difficult.
True to form we have Dana Scully the sceptic trying to find a scientific explanation for everything put infront of her and Fox Mulder's theory's that seem wild at first but always more believable as time goes by. The writers keep the essence of the TV show alive and its great to see the interaction between the FBI agents.
Really enjoyed this.