30 Days of Night, Vol. 10: 30 Days 'Til Death

30 Days of Night, Vol. 10: 30 Days 'Til Death - David Lapham 30 days 'til death is the 10th instalment of the 30 days of night franchise in which the elder vampires decide to thin the horde of vampires in America. They send a death squad to the States to root out the 'little cowboy' vampires all of whom are responsible for the barely contained events at Barrow, they have multiplied like lice and have no respect, no caution and they must be stopped or they will become the hunted.
Rufus is a vampire with a small semblance of control over his hunger, he wishes to blend in and takes a junkie girlfriend to aid with the show, he doesn't feed on his doorstep and even gets on with his neighbours. His life is set for a dramatic change when he gets some visitors from his past, his world starts to unravel and soon the death squad is at his door.
This volume in the story is far removed from anything the series has kicked out yet and can easily be read as a stand alone, the artwork is a different style to what previous takes on the original have tried to accomplish. I think the series is looking a little tired and maybe cashing in on everybody's love for the genre but still looking forward to the X-Files collaboration.