30 Days of Night, Vol. 9: Beyond Barrow

30 Days of Night, Vol. 9: Beyond Barrow - Steve Niles, Bill Sienkiewicz Beyond Barrow is the 9th volume of the 30 days of night saga and Bill Sienkiewicz takes on the artwork which for me is a major talking point. The artwork is a mismatch of good and shockingly bad, unfortunately there isn't to much of the good. Done in the style of a vivid oil painting, which with snow falling does a good job of obscuring detail to the point where each character has to have a stand out feature to even recognise them, for example orange hair, massive red glasses or a Santa Claus type beard. The artwork is an attempt to fall in line with the series as a whole but at times there's just to much colour and trying to portray blizzard like conditions gives the impression of a sloppy attempt to tell the story. The original 30 days of night is dark, with the only colours being pastel, nothing vivid except the blood red, this creates the terrifying atmosphere and looking at the story's together you see immediately where the artist has gone wrong.
The story opens with a group of vampires heading towards Barrow, they meet something on route, something even more dangerous than themselves and get wiped out completely. The vampire's of the snow covered region have evolved into something more alien in appearance something similar to the movie Priest, bringing another player into the action..
The billionaire Richard Denning and his entourage also arrive in Barrow with the intention of finding a vampire, Denning appears to have a deathwish and is destined to run into mayhem.
Add to this the return of our old friend John Ikos and the ingredients are there for another violent, action packed deluge of blood soaked chaos, unfortunately it could have been better.