30 Days of Night, Vol. 8: Red Snow

30 Days of Night, Vol. 8: Red Snow - Ben Templesmith Red Snow is set in Russia as they battle Germany, the Nazi squads are combing the Russian villages cutting down all who aid the war in the snow covered region, the two enemies soon discover they are not the only forces they have to worry about as a vampire horde led by a frightening little girl is infinitely more dangerous. The enemies soon realize they have to work together as the body count rises and the undead ranks swell.
Almost a prelude to the events at Barrow, the story and artwork are both by Ben Templesmith, the original artist to the 30 days of night saga and some of the vampire and flame thrower panels are exceptional. The story rapidly and violently changes from underground tunnels to cold, bloody winter night in an intensely action focused story and the artwork is amongst the best of the franchise. The dark haunting atmosphere of terror is recreated once more in this grim macabre setting and you can certainly appreciate Templesmiths vision.