30 Days of Night, Vol. 7: Eben and Stella

30 Days of Night, Vol. 7: Eben and Stella - Steve Niles The 30 days of night series Eben & Stella returns to events that took place at the end of Dark days and the missing chapter leading up to the climax of Return to Barrow.

The end of Dark Days sees Stella acquire the knowledge to resurrect the love of her life, her husband Eben, the only problem being when Eben awakes as a vampire his insurmountable hunger for blood causes him to feed on his wife.
The next time we see the couple is at the end of Return to Barrow, both now vampires they come to the rescue of the town, turning the tide and the remnants of the vampire horde are violently despatched after all there is no other way in the 30 days of night saga.

Stella unable to digest the fact that she is now a member of the undead, runs out on Eben and immediately steals a car. Unfortunately the car has an occupant, a baby and not just any baby, the baby is possibly the oldest vampire alive and who ever has the baby controls the future. Now the group that had the baby instead have Eben to use as collateral and they want the child back at any cost.
Right in the middle of this are Alice and her husband Kevin, a family of vampire hunters, they are searching for the next vampire queen to put an end to the race forever and its great reading as these plot lines intertwine.

This has rescued the series for me, my only complaint is sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between the three main female characters but there are some stand out moments particularly Stella succumbing to the blood lust and the climax is extremely chaotic. We also get some history of Eben and Stella before the events at Barrow giving the characters a little more depth.