30 Days of Night, Vol. 6: Spreading the Disease

30 Days of Night, Vol. 6: Spreading the Disease - Dan Wickline, Alex Sanchez Continuing on from Dead Space, Spreading the Disease follows FBI agent Michael Henson as he endeavours against all sorts of carnage to prove the existence of vampires. Transferred from Washington to Alabama he is contacted by a mysterious benefactor and he goes in search of the female vampire responsible for the space shuttle disaster.
I wasn't a big fan of Dead Space and the series as a whole is on a downward spiral, more so without the artwork of Ben Templesmith and some of the reading was difficult, red script in a black text box. The story is engaging enough as a religious zealot and recently turned vampire attempts to force his will on the masses bringing immortality to the believers, some standard preacher scenes here with a blood thirsty twist but unfortunately its starting to look familiar and tired.
That said I will continue with the series in the hope that the two main characters from the original Eben & Stella, through the art of Justin Randall can recapture that haunting gut wrenching atmosphere in the next volume.