Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 - Mark Millar This is seriously good, the pace is akin to a juggernaut and the shock value rises dramatically. The story centres on the conflict between good and evil costume attired superheroes or more simply Kick Ass and Red Mist.
Red Mist comes back on the scene after a trip to Russia and he now has a gang of gruesome looking individuals and they want to start some shit but first he must avenge his father. First step change his name to Mother-fucker, second step attack all that Kick Ass holds dear and third step take down the justice league, Kick Ass's gang of good guys.
Vivid and brutal violence follows in abundance amid scenes of despair and heartbreak as the death toll rises.
The star of the first novel, Hit Girl is ordered to stay away from the superhero scene as she try's to settle into family life but in the end and against all best endeavours she is forced into joining the carnage as the battle between the two gangs results in a face off in Time Square.
The Ante has been sufficiently raised in Kick Ass 2.