The Blade Itself #1

The Blade Itself #1 - Joe Abercrombie, Chuck Dixon, Andie Tong, Pete Pantazis, Bill Tortolini First thing that immediately stands out is the artwork , absolutely fantastic, vivid and really well drawn. I've not read a massive amount of graphic novels but this for the artwork alone is the best yet. We start with Logan nine fingers being chased by the Shanka on a mountainside and as we know nine fingers is practically impossible to kill, his frantic battle ends with him plunging off the side of a cliff into the water below.

Glokta with his short hair, missing teeth and walking stick looks incredibly sinister as he interrogates an old friend from the war, a member of the guilds and a tax evader. Frustratingly he is interrupted not once but twice by his superior and someone even higher up the chain of command. We see some of Glokta's history and a look at his madness and severity as he is entrusted to obtain a not entirely truthful confession from his current customer.

Logan is a long haired, grim looking northman with a wicked looking scar across the top of his nose and a purposeful view that you can never have to many knives and soon his knife and his cookpot are his only possessions.

Here we have the introduction to possibly two of the best characters in modern fantasy and this series is going to be top draw. I feel the need to read the first law trilogy again and can't wait for the next issue.