Harbor Moon

Harbor Moon - Ryan Colucci, Dikran Ornekian, Pawel Sambor Timothy Vance recently returned from active service, receives a phone call from a long forgotten Father and arrives in the elusive town Harbour Moon to find him.
Harbour Moon is a town full of secrets, there's the stereotypical hard ass sheriff, a town bully and an attractive teacher who attempts to help but is soon warned off.

A close knit community, the locals are tight lipped and unhelpful to the point of threatening but Tim soon gets a lead which gets him ever closer to discovering the towns secret. Things don't exactly go to plan and soon he realises there is no way out of Harbour Moon.

Visually the detail is very abstract, sometimes like an unfinished oil painting, an attempt at a dark, moody, mysterious setting but that said the cover art is impressive and certainly sets the tone. I also found the imagery a little disconcerting, enough so that characters physical identities blend into each other and unless there is an obvious difference such as long or no hair, dark haired characters look to much alike. You either like the artwork or you don't, alot relies on shadow and your imagination, with some vivid colours to draw the eye.

The story is structured fairly well, with the back story filled in as you go but it does tend to stutter occasionally and some of the concepts are familiar but the big reveal is handled admirably.