The Burning Soul

The Burning Soul - John Connolly The Burning Soul is the tenth in the Charlie Parker series that just continues on in leaps and bounds, converging plot lines maintain the tension and in no way does this series appear tired as some that broach double figures often do.

Parker takes on a new case, Randall Haight is a man with disturbing secrets, secrets that he would prefer remain that way as he lives under a new identity, unfortunately someone knows and his existence is being threatened. Parker has to look deeply at his morality, broaching his own blurred lines of right and wrong as a young girl goes missing and his client could be the suspect the Police are after.

In the second plotline we travel to Boston and the mob, Tommy Morris senses his time is nearly up, reduced to just two loyal enforcers, he runs to stay alive but he’s being tracked by the mob, the FBI and all he wants to do is help his estranged sister.

John Connolly certainly writes with compelling prose that switches comfortably between first and third person narratives, fully demanding your complete attention. The supernatural element is low key, the afterlife is touched on as the ghosts of the past resurface to warn of danger or plague the guilty. The usual humor is there extenuated by the appearance of two man mountain body guards and the appearance of the two angels that watch Charlie Parker’s back.

All in all another superb addition to the series that while missing the darkness and encompassing evil that usually surrounds Charlie Parker, more than holds its own with a tension fueled and gripping plot.

A 4.5 Rating.